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The Hall Pass Tour

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A Message From Our Co-Founders

Welcome to The Hall Pass Tour!

Since the beginning of our journey in 2011, we’ve built a team of passionate professionals - from musicians to designers - who are dedicated to uplifting the dreams of young people as a means to change the world.

As business owners who are women of color, we know how important it is to carve pathways and build new cultural narratives in the 21st century. We believe it is our responsibility to help nurture the next generation of great leaders, thinkers, doers, makers and creators.

We share an insatiable curiosity for instigating impactful collisions between the most influential medium (popular music) and the civil rights issue of our time (education). We’ve learned through our work in entertainment and youth development over the last decade that when these forces combine, real change can occur in young people.

Our purpose is to help build a world where everyone has the freedom to fearlessly pursue their dreams.

We’re currently planning the spring 2016 re-launch of the tour and look forward to seeing you then!

Ever forward,
Holley and Janelle


See Us In Action

“Kids are given fewer and fewer opportunities to develop the skills they need [in order] to become changemakers.”

Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka

Our Work

Why: The Plight of the Dreamer.

    Being a high school student in the 21st Century is hard. Whether from family, social pressures or school – a mountain of expectations are placed on young people. And they grow exponentially when you’re living in poverty, making it difficult to draw connections between your innermost dreams, and your everyday experiences.
    It’s no secret that student engagement is a big challenge in our country. If school is not a place where students can actively explore and pursue their dreams – and teachers and administrators feel equipped to support them in doing so – the world loses out on the next generation of great thinkers, leaders and doers who are expected to carry the torch.

What: Igniting the Spark.

    In every school community, there exists a natural treasure: big dreamers with high spark potential. Sometimes they just need a little help. The Hall Pass Tour is a collective of musicians, educators and creatives who electrify dreams in rural and urban school communities through live concerts.

How: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

    Serving in a range of roles from stage crew to community organizers, students participate in a semester-long course that combines critical thinking, reflection and mindfulness to guide them as they explore their interests, unlock their potential and grow in their official tour roles.
    Following the course, the Hall Pass Tour team arrives for a three-day culminating experience. On Day 1, we deliver our Backstage Pass workshop giving the school’s student body giving an inside glimpse of how our educational paths helped build the tour.
On Day 2, student ambassador roles come to life as we throw our Hall Pass Tour concert with student opening acts to complement the tour’s headlining artists. Parents and community members are invited to attend this large production and see their kids in a new light.
On Day 3, we host a community caucus. Leveraging the energy and excitement from the concert, we gather school staff, parents and community stakeholders to hear students’ voices and design a plan of action to further support their dreams.


    The Hall Pass Tour experience exists so that students can shine and school communities have the tools to move that energy forward. Through this work, we help build dream-centric, empathetic, hopeful communities that are committed not just to their children but to one another.

We're building our Spring 2016 tour!

Interested in joining us? As we gear up for the Spring 2016 tour re-launch, we're seeking investors, partners and sponsors to help bring the new vision to life for dreamers nationwide. If you have a brand or investment strategy that aligns with our work, we want to build with you!