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What's your jam? 


Affirming identity. Elevating aspirations. Amplifying voices.


Jam Sessions

We curate Jam Sessions : on-site learning events that address and dismantle barriers to youth engagement using culture as an asset. Topics and themes are determined by our clients (schools, nonprofits, organizations). Large Jam Sessions focus on mindset, and small Jam Sessions focus on skill-building.

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Our talented community of cultural influencers help to affirm youth identity during Jam Sessions so they can "be what they can see." 

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Can-Do Crew

Teamwork makes the dream work. To bring each Jam Session to life, we rely on a Can-Do Crew consisting of school staff, student ambassadors, headliners and hometown heroes. Together, this multi-faceted team works to develop the theme and troubleshoot in order to deliver the best Jam Session possible. 

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The Hall Pass

Each Jam Session presents a Challenge, with an invitation to complete an action step. For some, that means completing a first draft of the personal statement for college. For others, that's getting 100% of a senior class to complete their FAFSA. Whatever the Jam Session Challenge, we're here to help youth achieve it in a culturally relevant way, in their own authentic voice.  

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