Scalability. We packed up and headed for the Pacific Northwest where we partnered with the Oregon University System to bring five Pep Rally + Workshop Packages to schools in rural Oregon.


five days. five schools. one state.

This season we realized our magic-sauce-value-add: we go where many people can't. As a tour, we're nimble. Agility makes us able to reach populations where universities want to recruit, but may be less able. The Oregon University System paid for five rural Oregon schools to receive our signature "Find Your Jam" Session to help them activate their purpose.

elkton charter | Mar 18, 2013 | elkton, or

Elkton has a strong culture of college-going, and we were given an opportunity to share a holistic arc of the journey from college to career. During our workshop, students activated their "hustle muscle" to make college completion a reality. 


driftwood | mar 21, 2013 | port orford, or

The students at Driftwood introduced us to Oregon culture. We learned that many kids aspire to become loggers--a lucrative field that thrives off a natural Oregon resource: trees. We focused on aspiration elevation: what would it look like to own your logging business? Create a franchise?

yoncalla high | mar 19, 2013 | yoncalla, or

Many of us on the Tour have looked to school as a means of escaping hardships at home. Our personal pasts allowed us to meet the Yoncalla students in that place, and encourage their pursuit of higher education as a means to their dreams.


bayard | april 26, 2013 | wilmington, de

Talk about a Student Ambassador team. Bayard Middle School truly huddled up as a tight-knit school community and used our new Hall Pass toolkit to customize their concert. We walked into a brightly decorated auditorium produced by student talent eager to celebrate their dreams.

n. douglas high | mar 20, 2013 | drain, or

Hidden treasures. During our time together, a brave student leader shared that she would become the first in her family to graduate high school. The student body was fiercely inspired by her bravery and their future aspirations could not be tamed.


road show | may 13-16 | nyc-PHI-WAS-BOS

Our founders hit the road to speak to educators, activists and community leaders in four cities about our purpose, strategy and how we can partner with those who do this work everyday. 

reEdsport charter | mar 21 | reedsport, or

In Reedsport, we got up close and personal about student fears and barriers. We put a strong emphasis on our individual paths to higher education, as students worked through their own journeys. By naming those fears, we were able to use the community to dismantle them and propel students forward.