Capacity, capacity, capacity. 

This season, we're back in a new way. After taking some time to evolve our model and expand the team, we are focused on helping kids find their jam by any means necessary. 


change is the only constant.

Where we were once a concert series, using music as our sole means of engagement, we've grown to view student engagement more holistically. We use assemblies, pep rallies, concerts, summits and other transformational event formats to affirm identities, elevate aspirations and amplify youth voices.

With our new dual-capacity headliner focus, we are placing more emphasis on supporting the cultural influencers that expand students' worldview. Given a great deal of care upfront, we work with schools and organizations to craft a theme that opens the floor for everyone to play.

We're also teaching teachers how they can create their own jam sessions. What's the sense in having a playbook if you don't share your best moves?


the caton school | jan 24, 2018 | flatbush, nyc

It's rare to find 5th graders who are focused on resumes, but at The Caton School in Flatbush where "college begins in kindergarten," this is a thing. We worked with dedicated school staff to create a resume relay assembly where we featured six different headliners who very impressive resumes, who were able to bring their dreams to life. 


teaching trust | feb 3, 2018 | dallas, tx

We believe in sharing our playbook with as many change agents as possible. The Teaching Trust Summit is a free opportunity for educators in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to come together for a professional development conference. In our session, we shared our process for creating Jam Sessions, and the teachers came up with their own unique to their students' needs. 

bridge educators | feb 10, 2019 | brooklyn, nyc

The Bridge Church in New York is a spiritual home to so many great educators, activists and missionaries. We were honored that this dynamic group asked us to come share our playbook to inform their teaching strategy. We jammed with classroom teachers, program leaders and volunteers as they developed their own Jam Sessions.