Implications of the work: connecting our research with the larger need. This season we sowed new roots in education access, adding our research and intervention model to the larger body of collective impact in education access. 



For this spring season, we grew deeper in our understanding of the root-cause barriers to education for underserved youth. The Harvard Graduate School of Education aided in the development of our Theory of Change, opening up new doors for us around capacity building and collective impact.

Alumni of color conf. | Mar 1, 2014 | cambridge, ma

Our founders, Holley and Janelle, presented the Hall Pass Tour's new Theory of Change model at the Alumni of Color Conference for the Harvard Graduate School of Education. During the Jam Session, they worked with educators and activists to test a new idea around implementing a community caucus to the Tour model, which would allow a space for intergenerational dialogue between students, administrators and community members.


anniversary soireé | april 5, 2014| bed-stuy

For the three years we’d been up and running, we were supported by a strong base of peers who love our work. However, the transient nature of our work means it's not always easy to engage the young professionals in our network. So, we decided to throw ourselves a little birthday bash in New York to celebrate our third year and invite our friends to raise some money through drinks, giveaways and raffles. Read: PACKED HOUSE.

gear up bridgeport | june 2014 | bridgeport, ct

Continuing with our college partnership model, we were thrilled to work with Yale's GEAR UP folks and serve the community of Bridgeport. We spent two days with this group: the first day in our Backstage Pass workshop, and the second at the GEAR UP summer retreat. We piloted our new community caucus idea by hosting a roundtable discussion with student leaders to hear ideas from youth for improving student engagement.