FALL 2011

Back at it. This season, we expanded our partnership with CFES and took our tour on the road. We traveled to schools in cities and rural areas from the Adirondacks to Delaware. 


Taking it on the road.

We learned so much! In this second season, we discovered that in order to best serve the communities we were traveling to, we needed to work with students before-hand. We established Student Ambassador teams to inform our direction, and we tightened our focus to serve adolescents who face barriers to college. 

richard r. green | nov 11, 2011 | financial district, nyc

We kicked things off at home to help welcome Richard R. Green to their new school building. This time, we had a full gymnasium with a custom built stage where we brought the band to rock out. Nothing says "welcome to your new home" like a Hall Pass to make it your own. 

plattsburgh high | nov 16, 2011 | plattsburgh, ny

This was our first concert on the road. Learned a lot. Janelle and DJ Kraff delivered an assembly to help generate interest from the student body, and then the audition lines were wrapped around the corner with talent ranging from sketch artists to guitarists. 

crown point| nov 22, 2011 | crown point, ny

We were honored to be a part of Crown Point's Anti-bullying campaign. The students spent time focusing on community love and support, and we got the chance to elevate those messages. Best part? Ending with a community-wide bonfire and fireworks display. Pow!


ticonderoga central | nov 22, 2011 | ticonderoga, ny

Thanks to Principal Bruce Tubbs, we were welcomed to Ticonderoga's unique "fishbowl" auditorium with open arms. This school is a true community school, with an open learning layout that spilled right into their concert. 


PUblic school 5 | dec 8, 2011 | paterson, nj

Ron Cope! One of the best principals around. Thanks to his leadership, we got the opportunity to collaborate with his  AmeriCorps fellows to organize and deliver this community concert in a historic school performance space.


pelham prepAratory | dec 16, 2011 | bronx, ny

Nothing says "happy holidays" like encouragement from the community. Student instrumentalists performed live with Janelle's band as we celebrated college application submissions. 

keeseville | dec 02, 2011 | keeseville, ny

Holley was upstaged by a kindergarten student. True story. Our youngest co-host came prepared with knock-knock jokes and punchlines galore. We had a Friday night sellout crowd: standing room only in this auditorium as whole families gathered to hear their students' dreams. 


international high | dec 9, 2011 | paterson, nj

Celebrations of diverse cultures and origins. A full-on dance troupe. These are small pieces of what the International High Hall Pass experience offered. 

willsboro central | dec 12, 2011 | willsboro, ny

In a central school setup, older students are more than just students -- they're influencers. At this concert, we witnessed the overflow of excitement about going to college catch on to like wildfire to the entire population.


f.d. stubbs elementary| dec 15, 2011 | delaware, md

This movement is generational. When the whole family comes out, magic happens. One of our middle schoolers sang a gospel song that brought the house down. And a baby sis wanted in on the action.