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Being a high school student in the 21st Century is hard. Whether from family, social pressures or school – a mountain of expectations are placed on young people. And they grow exponentially if you live in poverty, making it difficult to draw connections between your innermost dreams and your everyday experiences. It’s no secret that student engagement is a big challenge in our country. If school is not a place where students can actively explore and pursue their dreams – and where teachers and administrators feel equipped to support them in doing so – the world loses out on the next generation of great thinkers, leaders and doers who are expected to carry the torch.


We believe that in every school community, there is a natural treasure: big dreamers with high spark potential. Sometimes they just need a little help. The Hall Pass Tour is a collective of musicians, educators and creative professionals who electrify dreams in rural and urban school communities through live concerts.


We put students in the driver seat. At each school, student ambassador teams work collaboratively to plan their Hall Pass Tour experience. Serving in a range of roles from stage crew to community organizers, students participate in a semester-long course that combines critical thinking, reflection and mindfulness to guide them as they unlock their potential while growing in their official tour roles. Following the course, the Hall Pass Tour team arrives for a three-day culminating experience. On Day 1, we deliver our live installation in the school: The Takeover. We set up shop transforming the energy into high gear through our signature morning pep rally, cafeteria DJ dance party at lunch, and our “Find Your Jam” workshop. On Day 2, student ambassador roles come to life as we throw our Hall Pass Tour concert with student opening acts to complement the tour’s headlining artists. Parents and community members are invited to attend this large production and see their kids in a new light. On Day 3, we host a community caucus. Leveraging the energy and excitement from the concert, we gather school staff, parents and community stakeholders to hear students’ voices and design a plan of action to further support their dreams.


The Hall Pass Tour exists so that students can shine and school communities can move that energy forward. Doing this work, we help activate student engagement through caring communities that are committed not just to their children, but to one another as well. Since 2011, we have impacted over 50,000 students in 15 states nationwide.