"You can go -- take a pass." 
Since the beginning of our journey in 2011, we’ve been traveling the country, giving kids hall passes: the freedom to responsibly escort themselves to their next destination. We take our cues from students' lived experiences, aligning our direction with their strong voices and intrinsic brilliance. 
As a social entrepreneur who is a bi-racial Black woman, I know the struggle of creating a new path where there wasn't one before. I also know I struggled less when my natural gifts & talents were affirmed and cultivated through that process. At the Hall Pass Tour, we share an insatiable curiosity for instigating impactful collisions that nurture the next generation of great leaders, thinkers, doers, makers and creators. 

Our student-produced concert series is our way of helping youth find their jam and live it boldly. Come jam with us.

Ever forward,